The National Indigenous Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference kicked off today in Perth. Speaker at the conference Gerry Georgatos discusses his work lifting disadvantaged people out of poverty and how it can help indigenous suicide rates.


We need to be there for people this Christmas.

A suicide prevention researcher is urging people to support and keep a watchful eye on those most at risk during the Christmas Holidays.

Christmas is a time of festivities and joy, but it’s also the most dangerous period of the year as suicide rates rise. West Australian based suicide prevention researcher Gerry Georgatos says during this time of the year there is an increase in suicides due to the accumulation of life stresses and often unrealistic expectations.


Gerry Georgatos: Lifting Aboriginal people out of poverty will bring less suicides

Recent figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics have shown one in 18 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander deaths is a suicide however Aboriginal rights campaigner and researcher Gerry Georgatos disputes this, and says the figure is closer to 1 in 10. He spoke to Philippe Perez about his research and what needs to be done to improve the situation.

If you or someone you know needs help in regards to mental health or issues relating to suicide please contact Lifeline – 13 11 14


Gerry Georgatos Speaks out on Aboriginal Suicide.

Aboriginal rights campaigner and community consultant of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander suicide prevention evaluation project Gerry Georgatos says indigenous suicide is a humanitarian crisis.

A number of child deaths in Western Australia has sparked community outrage with members of the public including Mr. Georgatos calling for more change to come for suicide prevention.


‘The only way out’: calls for royal commission into Indigenous suicide

NICK GRIMM: Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for a royal commission into what researchers say are “catastrophic” levels of suicide among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

A suicide prevention researcher has created the petition addressed to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull arguing that a royal commission is “the only shot left available” to address the issue.

Sally Brooks reports.


WA parliamentary inquiry calls for royal commission into Indigenous suicide

TONY EASTLEY: A West Australian parliamentary inquiry has been told a royal commission is needed to address the state’s Indigenous suicide rate.

The inquiry was launched after the death of a 10-year-old girl in a remote Kimberley community earlier this year.

Anthony Stewart has more.


Suicide of young Aboriginal girl in WA sparks call for action

MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: The suicide of a young Aboriginal girl has sent shock waves through Western Australia’s Kimberley region.

The 10 year old died at the weekend in a small Aboriginal community near Derby.

Her death comes just months after the Federal Government established a specialist squad to tackle the high rate of Indigenous suicides in Western Australia.

Anthony Stewart reports.


Indigenous suicide rates at crisis levels

MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: Three Federal Government ministers will hold a roundtable meeting today with Indigenous leaders to discuss urgent mental health support for Aboriginal communities in need.

The meeting is part of a crisis response to the high rates of death by suicide in Aboriginal communities.

In some Indigenous communities in Australia, suicide rates are among the highest in the world.

Bridget Brennan reports.


Grim Reality Stories of the oppressed going unheard

Gerry Georgatos is a suicide prevention researcher and national coordinator of the National Indigenous Critical Response Service, and has worked closely with First Nations peoples in and upon their release from the prison system.

He’ll be taking part in Naming and Addressing Racism – an event by Garridja Aboriginal Cultural Consultancy, the University of Adelaide and Duke University – which will bring together respected guests from around Australia and the US for a series of panel discussions and workshops.

Gerry describes to Small Change‘s Lisa Burns what he’s witnessed in his travels, the impacts of racism in regional and remote First Nations and migrant communities, the precedence of ‘good news stories’ over stories of grim realities in the media, and the rates of suicide and imprisonment in these communities.